Tunzi Automotive Supplies was formed in 2001 by Rene Roux after the demise of the old Balco Company and was offered many of the overseas franchises as a result of their belief that Tunzi would be able to continue to grow the business they previously enjoyed.  We are proud to state that their faith in Tunzi has been richly rewarded.

Head Office is based in Durban and the members in order of shareholding are Rene Roux, Mark Weatherill, Erwin Jones and Paul Muller.  The Managing Member for the group is Mark Weatherill.

Tunzi is represented by Paul Muller as Manager in the Eastern Cape.

Tunzi’s business encompasses Automotive Refinishing, Motor Plants, and General Industry for applications such as paint pump transfer systems, spray guns for manual, automatic, robotic and electrostatic spray, 2K mixing systems, pressure feed tanks, hoses & connectors, spray booth maintenance products and pneumatic control units amongst others.

Our philosophy has always been to create partnerships for success with our clients and to achieve the optimal results they expect from their investment.


Mark Weatherill

Mark Weatherill, Managing Member.  Joined the company on the 1st September 2009 as part of the companies succession plan.  Worked the previous 20 years for one of Southern Africa’s leading retail groups, the last six years were spent in Botswana as Regional Director - responsible for 24 outlets and 300+ staff.  Joined Tunzi with a view to taking the company forward over the next couple of decades with the emphasis being growth on the solid foundation laid by the founding members.









Rene Roux, founder of Tunzi Automotive Supplies.  Studied international finance/shipping and worked in Wall Street, New York City for 10 years.  Returned to South Africa and joined Safmarine Marketing Division for 2 years.  Started at Balco Company in 1971, managed the Natal operation and was a main board member as well as subsidiary company Director.  Travelled extensively to overseas principals during the 29 years with Balco.  Resigned at the end of 1999 and with the support of Ducol acquired the Natal paint division of Balco.  Started Tunzi Automotive Supplies in October 2001 and sold his interest in Balco Auto Colour in 2004 as the growth of Tunzi required his full attention.









Erwin Jones, Sales Manager Durban, and Member.  Joined Tunzi on 23rd September 2003.  Studied and achieved a Diploma in Bookkeeping and a Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management.  Completed in-house training on spray guns at ITW DeVilbiss Head Office in Bournemouth, UK and on ARO Pumps by Ingersoll Rand.









Paul Muller, Sales Manager Port Elizabeth.  Started my career with Plascon in 1975.  Trained in their Automotive Raw Material and the R & D laboratories.  Then joined VWSA at the Uitenhage factory in the Paint Process Dept., this involved approval of incoming paint, process specifications and line trials of paint and new equipment.  Joined ‘The Balco Company’ in 1980 as a Technical Rep for DeVilbiss equipment looking after VWSA, GM and Mercedes Benz.  Joined Duff Murray in 1983 where I promoted & serviced the Binks Spray Equipment range in the automotive and Industrial markets.  Re-joined Balco in 1991 and remained until 2001.  Joined BASF after the demise of Balco and continued my association with DeVilbiss through them.  In 2005 joined Tunzi Automotive Supplies where I established the Port Elizabeth branch and continue to promote and service the DeVilbiss range of equipment.